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There exist seven connected worlds. Your hero lives in the central world, the white world, where all color has been removed. He decides to travel to the neighboring worlds to discover colors and bring them back to his world.

The game progresses in turns. Every time you perform a standard action, the enemies will act afterwards.
Killing enemies rewards you with gold (gp).
Gold is consumed by using weapons and spells.
You enter worlds of different colors by entering doors.
After defeating enough enemies in a world, the boss will appear.
Defeat every boss to win.

Press any key at the title screen to start.

Arrow Keys/Numpad - Move (you can move diagonally by using the numpad)
Numpad 5 - Rest one turn
(Press towards a space occupied by an enemy to attack it)
Control + Direction - Use weapon (if you have one)
(using a weapon costs gp)
Z/X - Switch selected weapon.
H - Use healing spell (costs 20 gp)
M - Use multi-attack (costs 15 gp) (attacks every adjacent enemy with sword)
T - Use teleport spell (costs 10 gp)

Scroll to the bottom of the README to find the level editor controls.


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